Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Laptop News: Sony Announce New VAIO Lines

Sony has released the datails of their latest Centrino 2 based VAIO laptops on Monday. They include the 13.1" VAIO Z, the 13.3" VAIO SR, the 15.4" VAIO BZ, and the 16.4" VAIO FW.

The 13.1" VAIO Z series is said to be the world's smallest and lightest blu-ray laptops. This ultraportable laptop weight just over 3 pounds. While the blu-ray drive is optional, other available features of this laptop includes hard drive shock protection, a fingerprint reader, Trusted Platform Module, HDMI-out port, 128GB solid-state drive, WWAN, and a password-protected hard drive. The starting price for the VAIO Z series is $1800, and is expected to be available in August.

The VAIO SR series is slightly wider and heavier than the Z series with 13.3" backlit-LED display and weighs over 4 pounds. There are 4 coclors available for the SR series: Glossy Pink, Night Black, Classic Silver, and Platinum Silver. With the starting price of $1400, the SR series feature a Webcam and microphone as well as the hard drive shock protection. It will be available at the end of this month.

Sony VAIO SR Series
The 15.4" VAIO BZ series are for the mainstream business user. It features a spill-resistant keyboard, hard drive shock protection, a magnesium-alloy case, and Intel's vPro management software. The weight for this laptop is under 6 pounds, and it will be available later this month, with prices starting at $1,000.

The 16.4" VAIO FW Series seems unusual to many users, but the 16:9 screen ratio is perfect for playing HD content from the optional Blu-ray drive. Although with the larger screen, the VAIO FW series is about the same weight as the 15.4" FZ series with just over 6 pounds. The starting price for this laptop is $1060, and will be available later this month as well.

For the full specs and details of the new VAIO series laptop, refer to the Sony Style website.

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