Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pink Keyboard: Cute Hello Kitty Keyboard

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Is pink pink your favorite color? If both of your answers are 'yes', then the following pink Hello Kitty keyboard is for you.
pink hello kitty keyboard

"Awesome keyboard designed around a Hello Kitty theme, featuring a detachable plaid-designed wrist pad at the base as well as color-coded keys for easy identification. This Hello Kitty keyboard is multi-media supported. Computer on/off controls including: "power" button for quick turning on/off computer; "sleep" button to save electricity, and you can also set up a password to limit the people accessing your computer; "wake" button to wake the computer up from resting mode. Quick multi-media player controller includes: "play/pause" "Prev Track" "Next Track" "Volume" "Mute" and "Stop". This keyboard also has a shortcut button for websites as well, features include: "www" which will lead right into your homepage; "Back" "Forward" and even "E-mail" button too! "
This pink Hello Kitty keyboard is available for $49.99 on

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