Friday, October 30, 2009

How To Find Cheap Pink Laptops Online

If you want to buy a pink laptop but having limited budget, not to worry.. we are here to help. Below are some of our suggestion to you.

You probably have heard about netbook before. It's the one of the most popular gadgets / mobile computers recently. If you have not heard of it before, we recommend you to read this article to find out what exactly is a netbook. In short, it's a mini laptop (10 to 12 inch size) with lower price and lower processing power, but still enough to carry out normal computing tasks such as web surfing, email checking, and document processing. It's not suitable for gaming or watching high definition videos though. Having said that, if you think a netbook is enough for you to complete your daily computing task, it will be the best choice for you, especially when money is your main constraint. A netbook typically cost less than $400 USD. And the best part is, you get a lot of pink netbook choices as most of the netbook models out there are available in pink. We have compiled a list of top pink netbooks and pink mini laptop comparison in our previous posts. Make sure you check them out if you are interested to get a pink netbook!

If netbook does not fulfill your requirement, our second suggestion is to look for a standard pink laptop on Amazon -- one of the biggest, and also our favorite online store. There are tons of laptops and netbooks available on Amazon, and you should narrow down your search by using the search criteria provided by Amazon. For instance, here's a filtered page that listed only laptops below $400. You could set the price range on the left side bar according to your need. There's unfortunately no colors filtering available, but the price filtering feature should have made your life a lot easier in looking for a cheap pink laptop. One of the reason we love Amazon is that you can always find a lot of useful customer reviews there, which will definitely help shoppers to make better decision when shopping on Amazon.

Our last suggestion is to look for refurbished pink laptops. They are definitely cheaper than new products and are usually retested to make sure they're in proper condition. The disadvantage is however that they are not covered under the same warranty as a brand new laptop. So if you decide to go for a refurbished pink laptop, always check with the manufacturer to make sure you are getting some kind of warranty with your product. Again, we suggest you to start looking for a refurbished pink laptop from Amazon.

And that covers all we can suggest about getting a cheap pink laptop. If you have any questions or any better suggestions, feel free to drop a comment here. Good luck in searching for the best deal for pink laptop online!

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