Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Install Windows 7 with a simple update

Good, now you can also your Windows 7 update. How to install on a virgin machine, even without an XP or Vista upgrade? It's very simple...

You should know that installing a Windows 7 update on a virgin machine of any OS is possible except that you can not activate Windows (not an old license XP or Vista). For how to get the pill, just follow these steps:

1. Install Windows 7 on the machine.
2. Cut the internet connection and prevent any update from Windows Update.
3. Go to the registry: Start -> Run -> regedit.
4.Go to the


5. Set the MediaBootInstall value 1 to 0.
6. Close regedit.
7. Make "Start" and type cmd to see the icon to the MSDOS command prompt. Right click it and choose "Run as administrator" (or something like that)
8. In the MSDOS command prompt, type: "slmgr / rearm" then make entry
Reboot and when Windows 7 is loaded, run the activation program. Enter your product key and activate Windows ...
Oops, what ...

Otherwise, many of you ask me what I think of this OS ... it's been several months since I use it on my computer in RC version and what I can tell you that it is very stable very fast and certainly less annoying to use than Vista.

In short, although I am a heavy user of Linux, in all objectivity Windows Seven is a good thought that I recommend to all those who drag their XP for years and want change without having to suffer the same boat with Vista. Microsoft has really challenged this version and I think you will not be disappointed if you test ...

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