Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Windows 7 will sell 3x better than Vista

A study by the NDP, Microsoft had sold 234% of box Windows 7 October 22 of that last box of Windows Vista on the day of its launch.

It is true that the reductions that Microsoft has granted have stimulated demand. Despite these promotions, Windows 7 is more lucrative than Vista with a turnover 82% higher. The comparisons include sales of pre-orders and those carried out on launch day system.

There is still a caveat. It did not sell as many computers embarking 7 that during the release of his unfortunate ancestor (6% lower than at launch in 2007). It is true that Vista was launched in January, the best month for sales of computers that October and manufacturers offered fewer machines updates this year than two years ago. On October 22, 2009, 20% of systems incorporating a former OS, against only 6% in January 2007.

In conclusion, it is still too early to take stock of the popularity of Windows 7, Christmas is the real test, we can already say that Microsoft starts on solid foundations.

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