Sunday, January 10, 2010

Windows 7 password reset

Do you have forgotten Windows 7 login password? If it happens, you need to reset Windows 7 Password with your password recovery disk.

How to make windows 7 password reset?

* First you should have a Recovery Disk since you forget windows 7 password.

Click the Start button --> type Backup in the search box --> Click "Backup and Restore" --> click "Create a system repair disc" link in the left of the window --> Use a USB flash, a floppy disk or a CD/DVD and click Create disk button --> Waiting for a moment, then a Recovery Disk will be created.

* Reset your windows 7 password.

Start your computer --> On the Windows 7 Welcome screen, type a blank password in the password box and click on the Go button --> After the Windows 7 provide the password is incorrect, click OK button to come back to the Welcome screen --> click on the Reset password link --> click on Next in the Password Reset wizard --> click on the Insert the Password Reset Disk and choose the drive you want to use --> and also inster your password reset disk --> click Next --> Enter a new password for your account in Windows 7 --> click Next and then Click on Finish.

Now you can use your new windows 7 password to login.

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