Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dell Studio Review Roundup

The Studio Laptop is the latest product lines from Dell, which represents the convergence of the Dell Inspiron and XPS. It combines the bargain pricing of the Inspiron, and the stylish design from the XPS. If you have been hesitating to make a choice between the Inspiron and the XPS laptop, Dell has now given you another ultimate choice which is the new Studio line laptop.

There are two models currently offered in the Studio line: the Studio 15 and the Studio 17, which are named after their respective screen size. Several laptop expert sites have done their reviews on the Studio line laptops, and Dell scores great result from each of them.

Dell Studio 15 Review
The stylish 15" Studio line laptop passed several laptop expert's reviews with flying colors. Most of the reviews are giving the Studio 15 laptop a pretty high rating:

CNet (Rating 7.3 out of 10):

The good: Borrows some of the best design features of the more expensive XPS line; built-in media remote control.

The bad: Bulkier than the 15-inch XPS model; just under the wire for new Centrino 2 chips.

The bottom line: Dell's first release from its new Studio line, the Studio 15, sits between the Inspiron and XPS lines and offers a good mix of features for the price, but we'd be tempted to save up a few extra dollars for a thinner, lighter XPS.

Read the full review from CNet.

PC Mag (Rating 4.5 out of 5):
The 15 outperforms many of its toughest competitors and has the potential to inflict even more damage when upgraded. The only competitor with a richer feature set and just as many upgradable options is the HP Pavilion dv5t, but undercutting Dell's current price will be a monumental task for HP.

Read the full review from PC Mag.

Dell Studio 17 Review
Similar to Dell Studio 15, the Studio 17 laptop score pretty high rating from the experts.

Laptop Mag (Rating 3.5 out of 5):
Sometimes you want more performance than what a typical big-screen machine offers, and on that front the Dell Studio 17 delivers. You get a fast dual-core processor, discrete graphics, a humongous hard drive, and a beautiful high-res display.

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Notebook Review:
Bottom line, you'll be hard pressed to find a better 17-inch notebook in the same price range at the time of this writing.

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As we can see, Dell Studio line laptop is getting a thumbs up from all these reviews. If you have been hesitating to buy Dell's laptop either because the bulkiness the Inspiron or the expensive price of the XPS, the Studio line laptop should give you the answer.

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