Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pink Laptop Bag: Ice Red 17" Glossy Laptop Bag – Shine

A new glossy pink laptop bag from Ice Red is going to be released on 25 July.
Pink Glossy Laptop Bag from ice red
Also available in gray and black colors, the 17" Glossy Laptop Bag from Ice Red has a sleek and stylish design. In terms of usability, it has multiple laptop bag compartments, including protection for up to 17" laptops and an easy-access organizer for cell phones and other valuables.

Here's the summary features for Shine:
- Fashionable women's laptop tote bag glossy vinyl exterior
- Large main compartment that fits up to 17" laptops (17" laptop tote bags)
- External zipper pockets and magazine pocket
- Front pockets with organizer for easy access
- Organizer for pens, change, phone, iPod and more
- Laptop bag available in three colors

The Shine laptop tote bag can be purchased directly from the Red Ice website. The price for this laptop bag is currently $69.95.

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